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Terms of Service 

FAQ's and Customer Responsibilities


Please read the items below regarding your project: 


Hours & Scheduling: We schedule all phases of our projects with open windows of times. Our start times for the first day are generally between 8-10am. Return trips will be scheduled in a 12-hour time block. It is highly recommended to allow us a way to enter your home at any time of day to minimize your wait time. The jobs that are the least stressful for our clients are the ones where we either have a key or a lockbox code. We may need to arrive late or work up to 10 pm at times. Please advise if there is a preference for working hours. The times shown on the calendar are a best-guess estimate with no guarantees. Service businesses in Atlanta have to deal with Traffic and Other Factors. Please allow an additional three-five days of work in case of additional touch up work on boards, unforeseen subfloor or concrete repairs are needed,  dust removal, poly issues, or if additional coats are needed. Saturdays and Sundays are up to the foreman and not included in our time estimates unless a conversation was given before the job commences. Please understand we are a group of craftsman and project managers that may need additional time to both start and finish projects to meet our high standards and our customer's wishes.

We will always recommended to work on projects without constant supervision by the homeowner due to frustrations that can mount during the project. Plus it will possibly slow and cause unnecessary stress on the crews. We will always verify the scope of work on the signed estimate is followed and will consult with the homeowner if any changes are made. 


Other Trades: Plumbers are needed to re-install any water lines, sinks, toilets, and/or gas stoves.  A painting company is needed for all perimeter area moldings, risers, balusters, newels, and posts. An electrician may be needed if there are any problems with your electrical systems. Contractors that are needed, for any reason, may require additional costs and not a responsibility of The Hardwood Guys. Please prepare for paint touch-up repair on both stairs, door jambs, walls, and baseboards. This is common after the work to be completed to make everything perfect. Especially during an install or removal of existing floors, please expect wall and baseboard filling, sanding, painting, and touchups. You may possibly need new door trim if heights change. We don't provide these services. 


SITE CONDITIONS: Please maintain your home's temperature between 65-75 degrees and humidity levels between 40-50% at all times both above and below our installation. Some homes will show cupping or have issues with the finishes if they are exposed to moisture below or above the floors. We are not responsible for these issues after 7 days of installation and/or the site conditions are not followed properly. Please verify your basement has the same readings as the floor above. We are not responsible for flooring issues if humidity and temperature isn't properly regulated. 


DUST & PLASTIC: We use a vacuum system that retains a lot of the dust but it's not 100%. We do use blowers at the perimeters before the last coat but expect some dusting after completion. If dust is a major concern, it's best to remove all items from countertops and/shelves before we arrive to make cleanup easier. Unless it's stated on the quote, please plastic all built-ins and Cabinets plus in adjacent rooms that may have furniture or anywhere dust accumulation is a concern. Please expect dusting after we're finished in all areas and change out your filters a few days after we're finished. We are not responsible for this service or duct cleaning if it's needed. Especially, if other trades are in the home. 


SUBFLOORS may need additional leveling and or prep to meet the manufacturer's guidelines. These items are not included unless specifically stated in the estimate. If at the time of installation it is determined that if your substrate or subfloor needs to be leveled, replaced, or repaired, additional charges will be required. No warranty is given for any repairs or squeaks that may remain after the installation. It is normal in homes of any ages to have unlevel subfloors, due to the prices of leveling, most of our clients should not expect completely level floors after installation. Please know these additional repairs will change the time needed to complete the project. 


REPAIRS, Buff, Screaning, Jobs,  and SQUEAKS: These types of jobs are open contract and may require additional charges if more materials or labor are needed once we start on the project.  All proposals are best guess estimates but at times, more charges will be necessary. For example, if more repairs are present on the floor to meet our customer's expectations, we may need more materials or labor to remedy. Please be aware that these factors are not under our control and we can't be responsible for repairs or squeaks that still show after we finish your project. Please be onsite as much as possible if you have these flooring issues and the final product is a major concern. No warranty is given over uneven subfloors or any squeaks that remain after the installation. Squeaks with subfloor issues need to be remedied by a licensed carpenter or framer.  Again, no warranties can be given for existing squeaks or movement for any reason. 


FLOOR GRADES:  Under grading rules, there are four levels of flooring; Clear, Select, No. 1 Common and No. 2 Common/Mill Grade. If you require a floor with hardly any rustic qualities, please choose a Clear or Select Grade. No. 1 grade hardwood will have a few holes and rustic features that remain after sanding and finishing. If knots, wormy areas, pinholes, fissure cracks, and/or any rustic features are not acceptable, please don't accept or choose a No. 2 or character grade hardwood. No warranty is given for No. 2 or similar floors regarding filler work or cracks or holes that will remain after the refinishing process.  Any changes in product, color, filler work, or requests for refinishing will be an additional charge. 


FURNITURE: Please remove all furniture including appliances with flooring underneath. Take lots of care when moving these items. Scratches and gouges have occurred on our projects during the moving process and at times, required a full refinishing to remedy. All breakables, valuables, and sentimental items should be removed and placed in a safe or away from the home. We once had a customer misplace a valuable and it was a difficult scene until the client realized it had fallen behind her dresser on the floor. It's just best to have all breakables and valuables away and in a safe area. Any appliances left in the vicinity of our work is subject to damage, unless being charged for furniture moving, we hold no responsibility for any damage, marks, or cleaning costs needed. Gas Stoves, Sinks, toilets, dryers, and washer machines are to be installed and reconnected by others. We also hold no responsibility for appliance reconnections or plumbing needed or water damage that may occur. Please contact a licensed plumber as we don't reconnect these items. Please remove all breakable and small items from rooms to be installed. If moving of furniture requires additional time, there may be an additional charge. Any furniture or appliances (Fridge, etc.) left in the vicinity of the installation is subject to damage and we are not responsible for damage or breakage. Finishing under appliances left in our areas can be completed but with no warranty. Door Cutting, Caulking, Door Trim Repair, High Moldings, Custom Trim/Moldings, Trim & Door Repair, Wall Marks, Appliance Damage, Cabinetry Repair, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, and Sheetrock Repair, if needed, to be done by others. 


SITE FINISHED FLOORS: Please be aware that the floors will not look complete until we're nearing the final coat of polyurethane. Sanding and buffing will abrade the surface and particles will appear and shoe a white substance. This is normal. The staining process, especially with dark or gray floors, may seem cloud, dull, and show stain runs. This is normal. Wood is a product of mother nature and up to 5% of boards may not accept stain and show runs. The final coat will show your sheen of choice and show the final product. If any hand scraping, joint cleaning, joint scraping, epoxy fill, major wood filler needed, or any repairs are requested, there will be an additional charge. Holes, light areas, lighter boards, small cracks, and gaps between boards are normal and we can not fill in each and every space between existing or new boards. Any major filler work will be an additional charge. All natural hardwood will show marks, holes, wormy areas, and knots will show deviations. All site finish products will have natural fissure cracks, grain raise, some wave effects in a certain light, and holes present after the final coat has been applied. Site finished filler products cannot fix each one of these items and should not be expected to be perfect. Please expect to touch up paint on baseboards, shoe molding, and stairs. Painters should be called before we start the project to make sure there are no delays for you to have a completed project. Only pre-finished products can provide boards without holes and fissure cracks. Rails and Posts will show a slight difference in color than the floors, this is normal and should be expected. We use different equipment on the floors and we can't provide an absolute match. If No. 1 Grade grade or lower is chosen, please expect gaps, lifted edges, dark and light boards, small cracks, and knots to remain after installation. A filler may or may not be the same color as the wood. This is normal and to be expected. Any boards that are asked to be remedied or replaced, will result in additional charges. Please choose Factory Finished Floors if a piano finish is desired. Wide planks will have gaps and we don't apply wood filler in large gaps as when it dries, it turns to "Kitty Litter" and the filler then looks like small crumbles. 


SANDING EXISTING PRE-FINISHED FLOORS: Sanding down Prefinished floors require a large amount of additional effort. We have to use lower grit belts to get the floors down to the raw wood. These types of floors in some cases have up to 8 coats of ply and aluminum oxide when they were finished at the factory.  They may also be a mix of oak species and have grade differences. Please expect bevels and some cases a difference in color where the boards meet. If the depth of the bevel is pronounced, it will remain and may show the original finish where these boards meet. This is normal. We do our best to make sure these floors can return to a "new" look but there may remain some of the characteristics of the original milling. Also, there will be light colored boards present if staining a factory finished with darker colors since they use a lot of the cheaper and denser boards from the crotches of trees. This is normal and shouldn't be a worrying factor. It's extremely difficult to get prefinished floors similar to a site finished floor. 


RAILS AND POSTS: We offer a service where we only darken the existing rails by adding stain and poly mix to work with the existing stain to make them darker to match the floors. Unless specifically stated, we don't fully sand down the rails and posts. Any rail work will produce a product that is not exactly like the floors no matter which method was used. This will produce a finished product slightly different than the floors that were machine sanded flat. We don't promise that we can completely remove the colors from the original finishing process. This can only be done with newly installed products that have never been finished.  Please expect some roughness near the posts and areas where people won't normally touch. This should be expected and not be a concern. Our goal is to get the stain and finish to where it closely resembles the flooring.  We should be able to smooth out the areas where someone would touch the rails but the undersides and posts will have some roughness. If this is a concern, please contact a local stair company for new products. Additional costs may be incurred if a client requests additional work or time to smooth out these other areas and or fix areas that were chipped due to damage from moving of furniture.  


MATERIALS and STAIN COLORS: Please review and double check all purchased materials, stains, and/or polyurethane types or sheens. After installation, we cannot remove, refinish, and/or reinstall any floors. Site finished floors are natural products and are not culled the same as a factory finished floor. Please be on site during the installation to review if board selection or stain colors are a concern. If you have a concern with colors, stains, holes, and or the natural characters of the wood, please choose a factory finished floor and be onsite during the installation to review all boards. Stock stain and custom mixed colors, especially grays, may look different once the entire room has been applied with stain and again when poly has been applied. The type of lighting can also have a huge effect on the look of your floors. The stain could look completely different in the different areas of your home due to lighting, chosen mix, and aging.. Stain colors are chosen by our customers but may look different after installation due to lighting and or the aging process. There may be some lines and/or tool markings on the wood. This is normal and can't be changed after finish coats have been applied. Once applied, colors cannot be changed. The full price of the job may be charged if customers don't like their chosen color. Please visit daily to check on color if it's super important. Custom mixes may incur additional charges if any additional work is needed due to the customer not accepting their chosen color, material type, or polytype. Additional charges will be billed if materials are chosen or stain colors are not accepted by the owner, for any reason. If color and sheen types are super important, please choose a pre-finished product to make sure your final look is achieved. We include up to 4 sample colors and one hour of "sample work" in our estimates. 

LIGHT COLORS - NATURAL FINISHES LIKE LOBA/BONA: Natural or Light stain colors over any oak regardless of type and grade, will show every character mark and/or difereences between new and old floors. We can not redo a floor without payment if it's not accepted by the client after choosing. Please understand that a "clear" finish is just that, all grade differences, age marks, character marks, mineral streaks, old nail holes and gaps will show. Any request to change the floor may require full payment. 


Water-Based Finishes: If a waterborne finish such as Pall-X or Bona is chosen, please expect faster dry times. These finishes can dry in under 2 hours and we can do multiple coats in a day. We may use a base coat of sealer and then complete with finish coats. This is normal and follows the manufacturer's directions. You may even be able to walk on your floors in a few hours. Please expect these finishes to cost more as they are more expensive and advanced than traditional oil finishes.  We highly recommend using Pallmann Brand Finishes. Please understand with these type of finishes, there may be a small percentage of your installation showing beads or small lines of dried polyurethane. A small percentage is acceptable and should be expected. No site-finished application can be perfect. Please choose factory finished products if you're concerned about the final look of hand-applied site finishes. Curing times differ, please check the manufacturer's datasheet for the exact curing times.  

Hardwax Finishes: If a hardwax finish such as Pallmann Magic Oil, Rubio Monocoat, or Bona Craft Oil, please expect more maintenance. You will get the look of the modern European matte finish, but you will need to follow the instructions given on their site to maintain and keep your new floors beautiful for years to come. We offer no waranty on your hardwax floors collecting dirt or showing stains from any organic or inorganic liquids. Remove any spillages as quickly as possible, if fluid is allowed to remain on the floor for any length of time it could penetrate the oil. These items will require additional charges if we are asked to remedy them. 


Stair Risers, Stair Stringers, Stair Newels, Stair Balusters, Baseboards, Shoe Molding, and 1/4 Round:  If any of these are installed or in the vicinity of our stain work, please expect stain, marks, and discoloration on these items. Again, there will be a visible stain on all risers, spindles, newels, posts, and balusters. They need to be caulked, sanded, and/or filler used and then painted to be made perfect. These items are to be completed by a professional painter. Door Cutting, Caulking, Door Trim Repair, High Moldings, Custom Trim/Moldings, Trim & Door Repair, Wall Marks, Appliance Damage, Cabinetry Repair, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, and Sheetrock Repair, if needed, to be done by others. Completely Sanding existing rails, posts, and treads are very difficult. We can only provide staining of these items if you're choosing a darker color. Please be aware that the finished rails will appear different than the floors. The stain color will be similar but not an exact match. There is no current method to completely sand rails and posts similar to the process that is used for the floors. Any requested changes will result in additional charges. No trim, stair parts, grilles, and misc. items included unless specifically stated in our estimates. In some cases, new spindles are needed. These may need to be completed by others, especially if the existing balasters are custom. Any sanding done around balusters/spindles will be rough to the touch compared to the main areas completed by our sanding equipment. 


LIGHTING will affect dark floors and some other dark brown floors. Whether it's large windows, wall shadows, and even artificial lights - your floors may seem to change color or show random looks depending on your angle of viewing.


RARE ISSUES: We do need to use the 240 and 110 power outlets on all projects. If there is any electrical work or reconnecting of lines needed after our project, you may be a need for an electrician or appliance repair company to visit. This is a rare occurrence. We don't reimburse for faulty electrical boxes, breakers, or short circuits. Ceiling and Sheetrock repair may be needed if the home was built with loose screws or smaller beams. Small pops or wall knicks are not common but small repairs may be needed. These items are not included and to be repaired by others. Any trim, moldings, stair issues, new spindles, base shoe or misc items near the working areas may have unique issues and require outside contractors to repair. These items are not included in our price and to be addressed by others. 


CUSTOM MIXES of stains, especially any gray tones may require a signature and/or a change of price.  Grey colors may change its look depending on lighting, shade, and what artificial light is in the home. Dark color or grey colors requested on light wood such as maple, hickory, or similar woods may result in an additional cost. We don't recommend mixing of stains as lighting may affect the final results. 


Adjacent Rooms or Repairs will look differently than the previously sanded floors if they are not refinished at the same time. There will always be a difference in sheen, color, and even if it's been a small amount of time since the previous project is completed. We can not make any promises to have a perfect match. 


AFTER COMPLETION & PAINTING - Do not use Blue Tape if you're having painters touch up baseboards, stairs, and 1/4 round after our work. The hardwood may seem cured but it's recommended to not use blue tape on floors for long periods of time. Do expect some stain, especially darker colors, to show up on the door trim, stair tread perimeters, baseboards and quarter round. The staining process requires us to use rags apply the stain and the stain WILL mark all perimeters. A painter with a fine brush is needed to paint these adjacent areas. We do clean these areas but touch up paint should be expected to make your trim perfect again.  Risers and stringers will need to have a painter use filler, sandpaper, and possibly prime and paint to make these areas perfect. This is normal and is to be provided by a professional painter. We do not provide these services.


RUGS and Existing Carpet:  Rugs should only be placed on floors after 6 weeks with Oil and 21 Days with Waterborne finishes. Curing is still occurring even after your floors seem finished. If there is carpet in the areas of work and become damaged or in need of repair -- We offer up to $200 for a cleaning company to visit or towards the replacement of new if staining gets on your carpet. Please protect these areas of work with sticky protective film before we arrive. Accidents may happen and full replacement shouldn't be expected. 


PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, MISC TRADES: Plumbing, painting, electrical or any misc work that needs to be completed by other contractors, for any reason whatsoever, is to be remedied by others with no charge going to The Hardwood Guys. We do not reconnect plumbing lines needed for fridges, sinks, gas lines, or toilets. We can't be responsible for accidents if they occur and can not be held responsible for any plumbing, electrical, or misc. items that need to be remedied by other trades. If there are issues regarding any non-flooring issues, please contact a licensed and insured contractor. All problems with power boxes or outlets must be fixed by an electrician. If you're having issues, please visit this site to learn more regarding electrical problems:


It's best to have an expert complete these items who are licensed and insured to have the assurance that a professional has remedied these items and that you have the "insurance" needed if future problems occur. 
All contractor's insurance can be verified here: 


MAINTENANCE: How should I prolong the life of our new floors? The best piece of advice I can give you is to take your shoes off while inside.  It is amazing what a big impact this can have.  Also, it's important to use felt pads underneath furniture (especially chairs) and entry mats at the doorways. Here's a great article on how to keep your floors looking their best:


DOGS & FURNITURE: Be very careful with large dogs, we've had many instances of floors being scratched after we've finished the homeowner's refinishing project. We use great products but any large dog with nails can scratch a surface. Please make sure your dog's nails are clipped and trimmed. Mats are also great to lessen the transfer of outside debris into your home. Waterproof mats are great to help avoid spillage of water which could severely damage your hardwood floors. Your floors will need over 30 days to be cured, be very careful when you move your furniture back in your rooms. Scratches will occur easily if not careful. 


MOVING ISSUES: Please used insured movers to make sure they can take care of issues if they occur. We get weekly calls of gouging and scratching of floors during the moving back in of furniture. Same goes for plumbers to protect from future water damage. Reputable companies have general liability and can pay for damaged floors due to furniture moving damage or water leakage. See for more information. 


Incorrect Expectations: 


  • A Table Top Finish – Each piece of wood sands differently depending on the grain and milling, making it virtually impossible for a completely flat finish. Factory Finished floors are the closest to this expectation. It is understood that all will have a small percentage prone to having an installation blemish, knot, or any natural issue. 

  • Dust Particle-Free Finish – It is not possible to achieve a “clean room” environment and some dust and carpet fibers can be expected to fall on the freshly finished floor before it can dry completely. Minor imperfections in the finish will disappear generally within the first 60-90 days of living on the floor.

  • A Monochromatic Floor – Wood as a natural product varies from piece to piece. It is milled from a tree and will have grain and color variations consistent with the grade and species of hardwood selected. Furniture is made from (1) – (30) pieces of wood, while hardwood flooring is made up of 100's – 1000's of pieces. The natural character is expected. 

  • A Floor That Will Not Scratch or Dent - Hardwood flooring can be dented by something as common as women's high-heeled shoes, a pet's claws, a cell phone, a bottle of beer etc. Varying species of hardwood foreign and domestic have different densities and will show damage less than others. 

  • A Floor Without Cracks or Gaps Between The Boards  - Although your new floor may start tight with no cracks in between boards, as a natural product it will contract and expand with the change in moisture variation of the environment, most often due to the season change. Same with knots or fissure cracks. 

  • A Perfect Finish: This is impossible for us to achieve. Any and all site finished floors will have a fissure cracks, open knots, particle, bubble, gap, minor peeling, polylines, solid or wax accumulation, and/or any unforeseen issue for a small percentage of your floor. The final result will be a beautiful floor that is unique and within industry standards. 

  • Down the Road: As time goes by, you'll see scratches and blemishes, this is normal wear and tear. If this an area concern, your home must be a sock only environment and must only use recommended cleaning products. We believe that a quick buff and coat every few years is a better solution, it only takes an hour or two and we can provide a new top coat to remove any surface scratches or residue build up. It's cheaper than most customers think. If you are showing cupping or have issues with board movement, please check your environment. These items are normally caused by having a crawl space, wet mopping, and/or keeping your home outside of the recommended zones. All of our boards come from a conditioned warehouse and acclimation issues will only occur within a few days of the installation. You have a 6-month warranty on workmanship, please call us within this time if you have any concerns. 


Curing Times: There is a waiting time to clean and introduce liquids after your last coat of polyurethane has been applied. Please read the data sheets and technical sheets of your chosen finish for the exact times. Water-based finishes may need up to 14 days to cure before cleaning and introducing liquids to your floors. Oil based polyurethane may need up to 45 days to cure. Please understand dry times will allow furniture to be moved back in but the curing time will be dependent on the type of finish you choose. All finishes are formulated so that its molecules will bond tightly together as they dry.  Remember, your new finished floors haven't completely expelled all air between these molecules until your floor have been cured 100%. Please call to discuss if there are any questions regarding curing times. The curing and drying process may produce fissure cracks, holes, gaps, and minor cupping, in any hardwood of any grade. This is normal and you shouldn't be alarmed. These gaps and holes can be filled in with wood filler and stained with pens purchased from Home Depot. Any replacing of boards or board "refinishing" will be a non-warranted item if a request is made to "fix" any of these types of issues after the finishing process has started. 


How long do we wait before we walk on the floors? Normally, you may walk on your floors in socks before we arrive each day. Depending on the type of poly used, there is a wait time of 4-24 hours of drying before you may walk on the floors. Please ask us while onsite as drying time is depending on the type of poly used and the humidity of both the home and current season. Pets have a higher sense of smell, up to 40 times greater than ours, and may need additional days before re-entry to the home if you choose Oil. Remember, we may need up to two additional days to fix requests to fill holes or misc. items. Chose waterborne finishes if you would like quicker cure times with less off-gassing. Stain drying may take up to 48 hours depending on humidity levels. 


How long should we be out of the home or can we stay? This is a tough question to answer but we always recommend staying out of the home if stain, sealer, and/or oil-based polyurethane is used. There is off-gassing that occurs for many days after the last application if you choose OIL. We normally have customers wait 2-14 days after the last coat of oil has been applied. OIL needs up to 6 Weeks to fully cure. Water-based products are virtually odorless and you may remain in the home at all times depending on your tolerance.  Waterborne finishes dry between 2-6 hours and normally cures between 7-21 Days. With some homes, we use a combination of penetrating oil-based stain (if a color is chosen) and water-based poly, please expect some off-gassing with the staining process. This is normal. Please ask for Water-Based finishes if you need to enter the home each day and return quickly after the final coat. 


Problems with Workmanship or Material Issues: In rare cases, there will be issues with workmanship. We do state on our estimates that additional days may be needed to fix any workmanship issues. We reserve the right to fix any issues including a complete re-installation or a complete refinish of your floors. THG will not be held liable for delays of revenue, hotel expenses, or moving expenses for any reason. Whether it's staining, finish, or install issue, we reserve the right to fix our work in a reasonable and timely manner. The work should be performed with no expectations of a discount unless offered by your project manager. If work can not be completed in a timely manner due to the time constraints of the homeowner and/or difficulties interacting with the client, all monies owed for work completed will be due with no additional funds or "penalties". The final payment should still be made within 24 hours or due on receipt. 


If there are material or workmanship issues, please understand that once a product or finish has been applied or installed, any changes may incur additional expenses. Please do your own research on grades and expectations of the purchased hardwoods or manufactured flooring. THG will not be held liable for delays of revenue, hotel expenses, or moving expenses for any reason. We have written terms stating that additional days may be needed to complete any workmanship or material issues. Please contact your project manager if you have any questions.  Upon signature, the customer agrees to all terms found here regarding your warranty: We will refer to the National Wood Flooring Association if concerns or conflicts in workmanship arise. Again, we reserve the right to fix any workmanship issues. 

If there are repairs done by other contractors, the amount must be approved, in writing, by a Project Manager of The Hardwood Guys. Do not expect payment if the amount is not approved before the work commences by the other contractor, cleaning company, and/or misc. expenditures. 

Repairs and Screen and Coat Jobs (Buff & Coat): may be recommended in some cases. At no time can we guarantee these types of services will completely fix your flooring issue. They will be provided without a warranty. If you are unhappy with your floors, it is expected that the monies will be used toward another service. For example, if the repair or buff and coat service does not remedy the issue, we can use a portion of the monies toward full replacement. 


Remember, we're here to help. Please call or email if you have any questions. We reserve the right to fix all problems that may arise on our projects. We will attempt to make sure we do everything possible to correct issues if they occur. 

Cancelations: Cancellations made within 7 days of the scheduled date,  will incur a late termination fee. The fee is 10% of the labor with a $250 minimum. In addition, any materials picked up and/or delivered will incur a minimum additional fee of 10% of the material costs and/or a minimum charge of $150.00 for pickup, restocking, and delivery. This charge is additional to the labor fees. If payment has been made and job is canceled, all postage fees, signature confirmation costs, and/or any payment fees will be taken from the total amount paid. Any fees charged by our distributor for any cancelations will be separate and added to the above fees. Discounts are applicable solely to the base estimate and cannot be combined with other discounts or optional upgrades. Cash/check payments are eligible for discounts unless otherwise specified in your estimate.


Payment Terms: Our Payment Terms are as follows: Payment is expected upon receipt. If you choose to pay by credit card or financing, there may be an additional fee unless stated otherwise. Verbal agreements must be confirmed in writing before the job begins. If payment exceeds 14 days, all discounts will be void, and any merchant fees will be added to the new total. Should payment extend beyond 21 days, we will engage our Attorney, and after 30 days, up to $1500 in administration and legal costs will be added. An interest rate of 1.5% per month will apply thereafter, and on day 30, we will place a lien on the property with associated fees added to the total. Any disputes related to the estimate/invoice will be resolved through arbitration in our chosen jurisdiction. The client will be responsible for additional legal fees if these terms are not adhered to. 

In the event of a national disaster, we will do our best to make sure we completed your job. But if there are circumstances that are beyond our control, we will ask to reschedule once we are able to service your project. If any deposits are payments are made, we will ask for for additional time to refund out customers in the event that we lose revenue and/or cash flow issues. We don't foresee this being an issue but we will need some help in the event there are problems in our supply chain or labor problems. 


COVID WAIVER: By allowing us into your home, you hereby release and agree to hold The Hardwood Guys, LLC.  harmless from and waive on behalf of yourself, your heirs, and any personal representatives any and all causes of action, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, and compensation for damages or loss to myself and/or property that may be caused by any act, or failure to act of THG, or that may otherwise arise in any way in connection with any services received from The Hardwood Guys, LLC.. you agree to release The Hardwood Guys, LLC., their employess and contrators from any and all liability for the unintentional exposure or harm due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Honest reviews should be given if the job has been completed and within the warranty period. However, after the final payment has been made or a repair or discount offered, it is expected that the job will be considered confidential. Customer expressly agrees not to share or offer information showing or regarding this release to any person or entity, with the exception of the Customer’s attorney if applicable. Furthermore, Customer, if requested at any time, to remove current and future publishing, to the public or privately, through the internet or any other means of communication of the project, estimate, transaction, or the facts underlying the project. In the event that Customer is asked about the project or the underlying facts, Customer may say that the matter has been resolved and will provide no further information.

Please read each line item to make sure our responsibilities are understood. Once the project has started, it is understood that all items have been read and are accepted.


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