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Bamboo Hardwood Floors 

American Wood & Tile

Stranded Bamboo

Twice as hard as oak, strand bamboo is an optimal choice for busy homes when durability is needed to stand up to the wear and tear of family foot traffic, active kids and even pets. 

To make strand bamboo, shredded bamboo fibers are compressed under extreme heat and pressure.  This manufacturing process yields flooring that is even harder and more dense than traditional bamboo floors. Available in a variety of colors to complement and décor, all Strand bamboo products are finished with premium coating.

And, since bamboo is a naturally sustainable grass that re-grows spontaneously after harvest, you can feel good about making an environmentally friendly flooring decision.

Benefits of Stranded Bamboo


At American Wood & Tile, we have installed hundreds of Bamboo jobs. There is a big difference between Stranded & Natural Bamboo. It's important to have a contractor thoroughly undersand the quirks of Bamboo Floors.  To get a free estimate on bamboo flooring for your NY & CT area property, reach us today by phone or e-mail.


Stranded Bamboo is actually 200% more dense than Oak Floors. Bamboo strand floors, which are woven, score even higher on the hardness scale, resulting in a bamboo flooring install that’s tough enough to withstand your highest traffic areas. Call or e-mail American Wood & Tile today to learn all about bamboo flooring pros and cons. In addition to being durable and eco-smart, bamboo floors are excellent for:


  • Easy maintenance

  • Comparable pricing

  • Natural beauty

  • Wide-ranging style

  • Convenient refinishing

  • And more


There are dozens of colors of Stranded Bamboo and we know many of the distributors and the quality levels of each.  American Wood & Tile can help. We install bamboo floors of all types so you can have the color and character to match your interior design aesthetic, without missing out on any of the environmental advantages of bamboo wood flooring. As seasoned professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the business, we can promise you a bamboo floor install that’s flawless from start to finish.


GIve us a call for a free estimate. Our local, family-owned company provides complete residential and commercial services for bamboo floors, including top-quality installation and refinishing. We also offer a one-year warranty on labor with all of our bamboo flooring work


For your added protection, American Wood & Tile is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Give us a call today to install bamboo floors!

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