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Our Values

We believe in giving our clients the best value possible. Choosing a hardwood or tile installer should be an easy endeavor but unfortunately it isn't. Finding a company with integrity and having knowledge can be daunting. Fortunately, we strive hard to be that company of choice. Our pricing is fair and honest. When you receive a quote from The Hardwood Guys, Feel confident you're receiving the best possible price we can offer. We are a family company with values plus the know-how to get your job finished on-time an on-budget. 

Terms: We do offer free estimates for Connecticut and Westchester customers.  If an Onsite Consultation is requested in Manhattan, there may be a small fee charged to pay for parking.  Small Jobs or Jobs under 500 SF may not reach our minimum to be quoted per square foot. These estimates will be priced per day or hourly. You should receive a detailed, written estimate for all jobs. Any promotions must be given to your estimator the day of the initial onsite consultation. Please call the office at 203-285-7697 if you have questions. 

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