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HGTV "Property Brothers"

Drew & Jonathan Scott, the HGTV Stars known as the "Property Brothers" have recently completed filming in the Tri-State area. We had the wonderful opportunity to work with the brothers and their production company on 3 projects. The stars were a pleasure to work with and we're excited to be able to showcase our work on national tv.

Here's a link to the "Property Brothers" discusing their visit in Westchester & Fairfield County --

The "Property Brothers" are the stars of the hit show on HGTV with close to 19 Million people tuning in each season. They have garnered a strong following and have remained one of the top shows for the network.

The twin brothers premise of the show is simple. They take couples to show them their dream house and then they reveal the price (which is normally higher then their budget). Then the brothers show their clients a fixer-upper instead. This is where the drama starts for the couple. But, by the end of the show, the brothers showcase their work to a happy customer.

The show can be found of HGTV and

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