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Got Hazy or Scratched Floors? Screen, deep clean, and re-coat services by The Hardwood Guys.

Professional services for hardwood floor screening and recoating. This customer wanted to find a technique to restore the new appearance of her floors. Hence, in order to ensure that all of the grit and grime was removed, we gave her the screen and recoat service with the deep clean scrubber added. Compared to full sanding, we save her thousands of dollars. Without a doubt, we can sand a floor and make it appear brand new. Yet using this approach, we can achieve outcomes that are practically identical. The flooring are nearly flawless, except from a few nicks here and there. We are confident that this is the best service to provide. Call us right away for same thousands!

If your hardwood floors are looking dull and scratched, our professional screen and recoating service can give them a new lease on life. As a hardwood floor expert in Connecticut or New York, we understand the importance of maintaining the beauty and durability of your floors.

From the initial cleaning to the final application of the new coating, our team of knowledgeable experts will handle the entire process on your behalf. To create a smooth and even finish that will highlight the inherent beauty of your hardwood floors, we only use the best tools and supplies.

During the consultation, we'll assess the condition of your floors and recommend the best approach for your specific needs. Our experienced technicians will then sand the floors, buff the surface, deep scrupb, and apply a new coating to protect and rejuvenate the wood.

We take pleasure in offering our customers outstanding service and top-notch work, and we back it up with a satisfaction guarantee. Without having to replace your floors entirely, you can enhance the beauty of your hardwood floors with our hardwood floor screen and recoating service.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can transform your hardwood floors in Georgia, Connecticut, and New York. Thats right, we have family in these areas and it's the same service. Call today! Schedule Your Free Estimate at


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