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How to Remove Squeaks in Hardwood Floors. In Connecticut and New York

The Squeeeeek No More Hardwood Kit is a game-changer for New York and Connecticut homeowners looking to fix their squeaky hardwood floors without breaking the bank. This easy-to-use kit eliminates the need for costly professional help and can save homeowners a significant amount of money.

The kit comes with everything you need to get the job done, including a patented driver, dual pitch subfloor screws, and a unique squeak-eliminating drill bit. The driver is designed to be inserted through a small hole in the hardwood floor, where it can then be used to drive the subfloor screws into the subfloor. A Blend-Fil Pencil, available on amazon, is then used to fill any gaps that are showing above the newly installed screw.

One of the best things about the Squeeeeek No More Hardwood Kit is that it can be used on any type of hardwood floor, including solid and engineered hardwood. This makes it a versatile solution for homeowners with different types of flooring.

If you're a New Yorker on in Connecticut looking to fix your squeaky hardwood floors, look no further than The Hardwood Guys. We provide this service and offer free estimates, give us a call today.

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