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Why do my laminate floors look dirty?

Why do my laminate floors look dirty? Sometimes when laminate floors are made, they put oil or wax on the edges to keep them from getting wet. But sometimes, the oil or wax gets on the top of the floors and makes it sticky. This can make it easier for dirt, oil and other stuff to stick to the floor. Even when you use floor cleaner, it might not work because it can't get rid of the sticky stuff. But don't worry, there is a solution. Our special machines and cleaners can remove the sticky stuff and make your floors look clean again. We have a deep scrub cleaner that is perfect for removing tough residue and factory over-spray without damaging the floor. If your floor is older and has scratches or scuffs, we have a Restorer product that can hide them and give your floor a nice shine. And if you want to keep your floor looking great, we have a regular maintenance cleaner that will make it easy to take care of. Our products are also 100% safe for the environment. So if you want to make your laminate floors look like new again, give us a call!

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